Generator sentence:: All they could see was the blue water surrounding their sailboat.


They bought a round swimming pool at the beginning of July. The summer was starting, and the forecast promised hot and sunny weather every day of the summer holidays.

"It will be worth it," they convinced each other after the expensive purchase.

"Our daughter can swim there safely," they usually added.

"The well is full, and the stream is strong."

And they turned on the pump. Even with the Hydro Stream, the most powerful of the pumps in the line-up with a size of a small house, it took days to fill the swimming pool. Later that evening, it was done. They sat on the terrace and enjoyed the view of the glistening water surface.

"I want to go for a swim now." Their little daughter jumped up and down in joy.

"Wait until tomorrow. It is still a bit cold, but it will pre-heat overnight, and when the sun comes up, it will all be ready."

The following day she could not wait anymore. She quickly changed herself, ran over the lawn, jumped into the water, and started to swim. It was beautiful. A stroke after stroke, she could not stop.

"Where is she?"

"I don't know."

It was 10 a.m., and the parents stood over the bed in her room.

"Her swimming suit is missing."

"She must be in the swimming pool. We better find her quick."

She was nowhere to be seen. He held her palm over the eyes and looked to the horizon on the left. Nothing. On the right. Nothing. He took his binoculars and handed them to her wife. All they could see was the blue water surrounding their sailboat.

A long line of fast-driving cars was approaching their property and the morning breeze brought loud, angry yells of the crowd.