Generator sentence:: I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert.


That app was beautiful. It was all he wanted. Numbers, calculations, bar charts, pie charts. Detailed logs. Interconnected systems. Simple and beautiful. Five-star ratings all over the internet. This was the way to go. / It changed my life. / I finally reached all my goals. / Use it daily and things will change for good.

He was still pondering the purchase. It was a lot of money in his limited budget. But he really wanted to change things. He felt that this might just be it.

The next morning he took the plunge. He went with the top subscription, daily hints, weekly summary emails, hourly notifications. The weight loss crusade was on and this blue app way the one that will help him become a human being again. That was the mission of the app, bold and large in the top bar. Rough, but true, he thought.

DAY1 - He took photos of all his body parts, measured the circumference. Measured everything. Filled in the tables. Filled in the daily routines, eating habits.You are not a human being. We will help you become one. He got a call from his personal Ai assistant. Ai generated image of a fit woman in her forties. Hi, this is Jenny, I will help you with your goals. Strategic. Who wants to see the young, slim and fake? Ok, this was also a fake, but believable.

DAY2 - He was scanning all the meals around his house. Jenny wanted a number. She called it "total house calories". 76 560 000? Ok, noted. Just for fun, he remeasured himself. He felt he was losing weight. And he was. Running around the house, probably. He scanned every single meal for the total calories. Even water. He went to bed early, in a great mood.

DAY3 - Shit, I am hungry, I am fucking hungry. He grabbed the phone from the table. A message from Jenny. You might be hungry. That is normal. Wait for two more hours and we prepare your breakfast. He tried to fall asleep but it did not work. Torture. The breakfast was light. He made it through the day.

DAY4 - Hangover. It felt like a hangover. He did not drink anything last night. He was not hungry. He was sick. A message from Jenny. You might feel dizzy. This is normal. Wait for two more hours, breakfast will relieve you. Torture again. The breakfast plate was meager. He was really hungry. For most of the day.

DAY5 - His large empty stomach jumped up and down and twisted in anger. That was inhumane torture. He guessed Jenny's message. Normal. Wait. Breakfast. Fuck it. He turned off the phone for the rest of the morning.

He came back from the shop with bags full of food. His analytical self became interested in the total calorie count. He turned on the phone and muted Jenny. He measured everything. His total house calories was over 85 million. He ate a bag of chips, and half of a roasted chicken. He scanned the barcodes and saved the calory count. He ate a bar of chocolate and scanned the bar code too. 3800. Interesting. Shit....

He left the cheesecake at the cash desk.

A notification. Jenny. Feel like rating our app? He clicked on the message and typed quickly.

I am counting my calories. The pie charts are beautiful. Yet I really want dessert.

Generator stories are a simple project to practice and improve my English writings based on random generator-produced sentences. The content produced in only 15 minutes is of mixed quality, but in this case - the quantity and speed are the goal. You can get inspired here: