Dinner invitation

Generator sentence:: Peter found road kill an excellent way to save money on dinner.

Dinner invitation
Dinner Invitation

‌Roadkill is an animal or animals that have been struck and killed by drivers of motor vehicles on highways. Wikipedia.

"Can I invite you for dinner?"

"Oh, Peter, how nice of you."

"And let's go for a short drive before."

"Oh, in the convertible?"

"Sure, roof down, the smell of late summer, wind in your hair, that stuff."

"Oh, Peter. So, 6 pm at your place?"

"I'd prefer 4. Will need a bit of time to prepare the meal."

"That sounds great. See you later, then."

He stopped right there. They hit something black. It was a little black cat. She had tears in her eyes.

"You could not have done anything. She just ran straight under your car."

He walked to the dead animal.

"Well... anyways, it is too small for both of us. And I feel like game today. Boar would be good but the last time I had to replace the bumper completely."

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