Generator sentence:: Bill ran from the giraffe toward the dolphin.

"Where will we go this afternoon?"

"What about the local ZOO? Have you been?"

"Oh, many times."

"Let's go anyway. You can take some coffee and read while we walk around."

"No worries, I'm gonna have fun."

And that was the last time we spoke with Bill. Right after we bought our tickets, he started sprinting to the eagles' aviary in the middle of the zoo. We caught a glimpse of him again as he ran from the giraffe toward the dolphin lake. And the last time we saw his colorful shirt was by the oak tree next to the African Boar goat enclosure.

And then, Bill wasn't. Anywhere. We filed a missing person report at the local police station. Bill was nowhere to be found. Weeks, months, years passed by.

Later that year, an article was published under his name in the Science of Natural Transformations. It presented a theoretical concept of transfer by atomic abrasion. In short, if you inject yourself with reverse polarity magnetic nanoparticles and start touching objects around you, you become part of them. It speculated on the idea of a distributed consciousness.

"I think we should go greet Bill. We haven't been to the zoo since."