Family adventures

Generator sentence:: After fighting off the alligator, Brian still had to face the anaconda.

Family adventures

They paddled slowly upstream. The muddy river was winding under large, sap-green crowns of huge trees. The banks were full of wildlife. Humidity soaked their shirts.



"Where are you?"

They had already spent days on the river. They were tired, the nights were hot and humid as well. No wonder they missed the trunk floating right under the water level. The boat dangerously rocked.



They both fell off the boat. That movement in the water. And there as well. An alligator. And that is an anaconda. Brian was holding the alligator's muzzle and they were turning, going up and down. The alligator was finally dead.

"Brian, come down immediately. The dinner is ready."

"Mom, wait, I still need to face the anaconda. What do we have?"

"Tomato salad with mozzarella. Just the anaconda. Be quick and don't let it get to your neck."

She was looking at the fridge door. It was full of Brian's illustrations. The Amazonian Adventures. Brian and his dad in the rainforest, on the river, meeting the tribes, eating insects... Alligator-anaconda fight will fit right there. Brian usually recounted all his little stories at dinner.

A message arrived on her phone.

The audit went well, I even completed all the expenditure sheets today. Shall I buy anything on the way?

Just yogurt and bread. I think Brian is running out of sap green. Please hurry.  Can't wait to get back to Amazonia.

Generator stories are a simple project to practice and improve my English writings based on random generator-produced sentences. The content produced in only 15 minutes is of mixed quality, but in this case - the quantity and speed are the goal. You can get inspired here: