Gnome garden

Generator sentence:: She was too short to see over the fence.

Gnome garden

"Dad, can I get the pear?"
"You certainly can, my little sun."
"Thank you, Dad."
"You are very welcome."

"Yes, my shiny little treasure?"
"Could we go shopping on Monday?"
"What do you need, my little rabbit?"
"The skirt is much too long, I'd prefer not to trip over when I run in the fields."
"No problem."

"How can I help you, little rosie of mine?"
"This table is way too tall for me, I barely reach for the pens."
"Shall we get you a smaller one, little princess?
"I would love that."

"I think you should stop calling me 'little'. I am shrinking every time you say it."
"Are you? Don't worry, you are just the perfect size."

As he carried her to the garden, she noticed all square plots, a figure in each. He placed her into one. She was curious what was behind the fence but she was way too short to see over it.

"Good morning, neighbor. What a lovely day. What lovely little gardens with all the beautiful gnomes you have created."

He turned to the lady from next door, smiled and waved back.

"Oh, how nice of you, my dear little flatterer..."

Generator stories are a simple project to practice and improve my English writings based on random generator-produced sentences. The content produced in only 15 minutes is of mixed quality, but in this case - the quantity and speed are the goal. You can get inspired here: