Good for everyone

Generator sentence:: Karen realized the only way she was getting into heaven was to cheat.

Good for everyone

"I think I need to call her. This just does not work for us. I would prefer her to change the amount, then it will add up nice and round."

"And what about the others?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, this will be good for everyone, right?

She was a master of changing her personal interests into the seemingly common good. It rarely worked that way but she made it seem and sound like it worked.

Stage 1 - I have a problem. Stage 2 - I have a solution. Stage 3 - This will be good for everyone. Stage 1 always started with "This is terrible, I must...". Or, "Why do we need...". Stage 2 was mostly a hidden moment. And stage 3? Everyone knew about stage 3. "This will be good for everyone, right?" Once she reached stage 3, it was too late to oppose the idea.

And so people were doing things that did not work for them but thought that they are the only ones. Everyone seemed to be content.

Days went by, months, years. When her time added up, Karen was standing by heaven's gate with a large group of people. She went through stage 1. "Why do people have to stand here, having lived all their lives?" and quickly reached stage 3.

"I think you need an administrator, a gatekeeper right inside the gate. Just give me a pen and a stack of paper. And a chair. I will make sure that people wait here nice and happy, in a quiet long line. This will be good for everyone."

So God gave her a chair, a pen, and a piece of paper. He didn't like the idea much, crowds at the gate were rare and people were behaving nicely toward each other. But maybe he was wrong. People waiting at the gate did not like it either. They couldn't chat about their lives in random groups. But they did not say anything. This was a godly matter, right? This was surely good for everyone.

"Aren't we supposed to have Karen in the 7th circle?" asked Lucifer's deputy.

"Sure," Lucifer smirked, "but a bit of hell in heaven will be good for everyone."