Hundred-year monster

Generator sentence:: The father handed each child a roadmap at the beginning of the 2-day road trip and explained it was so they could find their way home.

"Lets do something fun at the weekend." "Dad, please..."

All four children returned to their phones. He turned and headed to the attic door.

"Dad... Are you going to turn off the router again? You realize we all have data? And in the meantime Ben's backup router would power on?"

He turned and walked back.

"OK, sorry you little monsters. I just wanted to tease you." "Dad... We are not little. The last time I checked, the sum of our ages was over a hundred." "Sorry again. What about a weekend roadtrip? Interstate A21? 5G all along? Big Macs and Fried Chicken every other mile?" "Sounds good to me!" yelled Benji from his bunk bed.

For the last two weeks he had been doing something with the car in the garage. "Dad... does it have to be so loud?" "I am trying to fix that damned transmisson thing. A good hammer bang can only do good to it."

On Saturday they threw their bags to the trunk and all five set off for their weekend adventure.

" I am sort of week on 5G. I must have been the storm last night." "My phone keeps searching every other minute, battery down 20 %." "Shit, I just lost the mighty magic power." "Dad, this is annoying, let's eat in the KFC by the waterfall and return." "Ok, agreed, good idea."

The sleeping pills already kicked in, the four of them started to doze off. He carefully exited the interstate and drove along the narrow country roads. Two hours later he stopped by the edge of the road and opened the back door. The fresh air woke everyone up.

"Here are your maps. See you at home." And he drove off.

Text messages started clinging at the same moment.

1/2 "My dear little hundred-year old monster, I forgot to tell you that the 4 pieces is just one map. You are.... /TBC next message.""

Message 2/2 never arrived. The 4 phones went dead.

"Shit. This map it is just a couple of lines. And look... there is nothing, just fields and four roads. Which ways should we walk?" "I don't know, it all looks the same to me."

The Dad texted to his wife.

"Darling, how is your business trip? I am having a blast with our 4 little monsters."

Then his phone went dead too. The signal shielding plates on the car really were efficient. He had no idea where he was and where he dumped his children...