Kangaroos and rabbits

Generator sentence:: A kangaroo is really just a rabbit on steroids.

I want to go to Australia. I want to go to Australia. I want to go to Australia. This was his mantra. Whenever he talked to someone, he always mentioned his travel plans. He explained how he was just about to purchase his flight tickets, book his hotel room, rent a car. And then he talked about the animals. Kangaroos especially. He had anatomic drawings, photographs. Everybody around him knew all about his Australia trip.

I have not seen him for over 2 years. I was never too keen to talk to him but he always ran to me and we had a polite Australian conversation. I even remember he tried to imitate the Australian accent. "Wotsap, majt, Halou, majt..." I smiled at the memory.

He almost missed me. He walked with his head down, mumbling something indistinct.

"Hey, Andy. Nice to see you."

"Oh, hello."

"So, how is your Australian adventure shaping up? Or, have you already...?"


"I am sorry to mention that."

"Pete explained. Ok."

I trodded away, mumbling, and this time I caught pieces of the sentence. "Kangaroo ... rabbit ... steroids."

Later that day I asked Pete.

"Well, he was all about Australia. I was so upset about him. And then, then I said it."

"What did you say?"

"Andy, you are mental. No one will take you to Australia. You know what? Just go watch rabbits in the backyard. Kangaroos are really just rabbits on steroids. That's just about the Australia you will get, you idiot."