Generator sentence:: Facing his greatest fear, he ate his first marshmallow.

"Sorry, no, Lena, I won't take it. Just enjoy it yourself."

I never understood the passion for marshmallows. A bag of strangely chewy, sweet material falling apart into nothing when you put it in your mouth. Chocolate - I love it. Candies - scraped tongue, but OK, at least it feels like matter. Marshmallows - skip, skip, skip. Well, I tried it only once, a long time ago, as a kid at the campfire. With a marshmallow in my mouth, I went to pee, and there I was, spitting every single bit of that mess into the bushes behind the house.

Lena loved it. Chocolate - hated biting it. Candies - scraped tongue. Marshmallows - love at first sight.

I didn't bump into the braking car in front of me much. Lena hit her head, and she lay there, unconscious, bleeding. Blue lights, ambulance, hospital.

For some reason, the only thing I took from the car was her bag of marshmallows. Mindlessly I put one piece to my mouth just as the seriously looking doctor walked out of the surgery and looked around. I swallowed, and the time marshmallowed. Marshmallowed eternity.

The doctor smiled.

"Can I take a few?"


"Your daughter would like to have some, and I will take two for myself."