Generator sentence:: Please wait outside of the house.


We traveled to work together. He was taking his car on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I drove us on Mondays and Wednesdays. He usually worked from home on Fridays, so there was no arrangement and I was free to choose if I drive, bike, take a bus or go for a very long walk.

While this went on and on, he kept reminding me to wait outside the house. He was getting off my car on Mondays and Wednesdays with the same words.

"Tomorrow? And, please wait outside the house. Bye."

"Ok, bye."

He was chatty in the car but in a circular way. Not a morning bird, looking forward to his coffee at work, things that he plans for the afternoon. Too tired from work, looking forward to his coffee at work and a glass of wine in the quiet of his study, things he plans for the weekend. I was silent. And annoyed.

While he carefully watched his schedule and work for him was just ... work, my calendar was messy. I probably worked too much but sometimes I felt like staying late at work, and sometimes I felt like driving very early.

So I suggested driving us every day. I refused the money he offered (it was not enough to cover his share, so why even bother). The only catch was that sometimes he would need to take the bus back home. He loved that idea.

"Great. I like driving but not in the morning. And I will have time to read on the bus, the books are piling."

I selfishly enjoyed the lonely afternoon drives. I started making my schedule irregular on purpose. Most of the days he hurried to the bus stop.

That day, I was so upset with him. The stuff he was talking about at the meeting. I was silent in the car. Too silent. When I stopped in front of their house, his old routine kicked in.

"Tomorrow? And, please wait outside the house. Bye."

"Ok, bye."

That morning I really waited outside the house. Outside our house. Inside my car. He did not show up. Of course, he did not. He was waiting in front of their house. He was very late for work. He needed to work long hours. He was late for his afternoon coffee. For his evening wine.

"We told you he was a strange guy."

"Yeah.... the boss was so made with me when I missed that appointment."

"Glad you dismissed the idea so boldly at the meeting. It was his as well."

"Sure, Friday afternoon weekly reviews. Ain't that stupid? Who works on Friday afternoons? It is all coffee, wine and weekend plans, right?"

Generator stories are a simple project to practice and improve my English writings based on random generator-produced sentences. The content produced in only 15 minutes is of mixed quality, but in this case - the quantity and speed are the goal. You can get inspired here: https://randomwordgenerator.com/sentence.php