Orange ball

Generator sentence:: We're careful about orange ping pong balls because people might think they're fruit.

Orange ball
The Orange Ball

I rarely traveled for work. This time I needed to make an exception - the matter needed a human touch. My human touch.

The decaying body was still there. Dining hall. Large wooden table. Two chairs. One filled, one empty. Bowl of rotten fruit. An unopened bottle of wine.

The dead body was strangely upright. The hands of the brown-hair woman lay on the table, palms up. And right there, there was the reason for my trip - a bright orange ping pong ball, neatly parked in the valley between the thumb and the rest of the fingers. Pure, spotless.

I was probably the only world ping pong champion that ended up a homicide detective, and a rather average one, when I think of it. You can't be world-class in everything you do, right? But that orange ball, that was my chance.

"Sir? What do you think?"

I put on thin rubber gloves.

"5 stars, compound purification, super-scale check, .5% left spin rotation disbalance due to slight coating imperfection...right here..." It was all coming back.

The gentleman was staring at me. "Sir? This is just a table tennis ball. How do you..."

"... unpacked inside, late July. Touched by human fingers before, never played." My hands were like precise scales. My opponents' fear back at work.

"This ball was created for the 2013 World Table Tennis Championship in Paris, by the Chinese Pong Xi Gong factory right outside Beijing."

"Sir... and this is how our Chinese translator interprets the 4 symbols on the ball - I believe you have heard of the 4-symbol Chinese idioms..."

I looked at the piece of paper. "We're careful about orange ping pong balls because people might think they're fruit." This definitely was not correct... I spent enough time in China to know that.

I looked at the little Chinese man in the corner. His face was vaguely familiar. But this guy, he was an old man... 2013... yes, I snatched the victory away from him at the last possible moment.

"We reap what we sow, this is what it says," he whispered as he pointed the gun at me, "and you would not believe what they did to me in the camp."

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