Primordial soup

Generator sentence:: The green tea and avocado smoothie turned out exactly as would be expected.

Primordial soup

Minimalist cuisine was such a progressive idea. Or, so he thought. Cook under 12. Eat under 3. Minutes, that is. He was all for "eat to live", all against "live to eat". He hated washing the dishes. No one could convince him that eating while walking was wrong. He enjoyed it so much. It made him feel well.

Smoothies were his latest thing. He loved the fast mixing and matching. Banana - apple - zucchini - almonds. Quark - coffee - banana - apple. Endless possibilities. And, this one was "cook under 3", not "under 12".

Strangely, he was in minority. It seemed like his tastes developed based on his creations. He loved most of the mixtures he created. He loved them the more, the more often he made them.

His goal was "cook under 1, eat under 1". Perfection. Thus, the mixture "green in green" was invented. Green tea and avocado. Loved both.

Pour hot water over the green tea (inside the blender). Wash avocado. Cut, and throw away the stone (messy, slow). Start mixing.

A strange thing started happening inside the transparent bottle. He dragged his old microscope from the cellar and put a drop over the substance on the glass.

It looked like he had created the perfect primordial soup with a high acceleration coefficient. The hunters already settled and started farming.