Productivity hack

Generator sentence:: The clock within this blog and the clock on my laptop are 1 hour different from each other.

Productivity hack

"Can you please fix the clock?"

"What is wrong with it?"

"Whenever I post something on my blog, it is an hour behind my laptop."

"OK, that should be an easy fix."

I connected to her computer remotely and started doing my magic. The kind of magic people hired me for. Checked the settings. Nothing. Checked the registry. All fine. Checked the time servers. Perfectly in sync with the atomic clock.

"I am not sure what the problem is... ," I muttered into the microphone. "I will keep looking."

"Please do. I want my followers to get a perfect experience and fear that they might have the same problem."

I spent the next 10 days looking into all kinds of code, I dug deep, tested the laptop process, memory, hard disks. I put away all the other jobs. I simply could not figure that out. Every morning I reset the laptop clock, and the next morning it was again ahead of the blog. Again, and again, and again. And again. I was unproductive, I was desperate.

"Sorry, I am out of my wits. I don't know. I won't charge you."

"Never mind. It is just a clock."

That night I went to her blog and read the first post. *Daily Routines - Set it and Forget it: How setting your computer clock one hour ahead every evening can greatly improve your productivity the next day.