Proverbial man

Generator sentence:: It's not possible to convince a monkey to give you a banana by promising it infinite bananas when they die.

He was a proverb man. He quoted proverbs. He collected proverbs. He invented proverbs. That was his passion, and later on, that became his job. Proverbs became his life. He was seen in bookstores, in elderly daycare houses. Around graffiti paintings. In the subway. On the trains. A tiny notebook. A tiny recorder. A tiny camera.

I used to meet him at Finkey's bar every Wednesday. We chatted about the weather, about life, and later in the evening about books, book writing, and book critiquing. About sociology, anthropology, economics, quantum physics, and philosophy. We were getting drunk and thought we were getting wise.

It was more and more difficult to understand him. Not that he would become an alcoholic. He was becoming a master of proverbial abstraction and allusion. He was losing conversation partners one by one.

"A sober day lost to sober night."

"What do you mean?"

"Half empty shall never be. Half full rarely is."


"Hailed be days when livestock breeds, herd them by the well."

"Not sure I follow you."

"Pockets deep they never are, be here you can't."

"Say again?"

"Ask later, and you shall thrive."

It looked like the day had come for me to be lost to him. He spoke like the Yoda of proverbs.

"It is impossible to convince a monkey to give me a banana by promising it infinite bananas when they die."

At least the sentence structure was back to normal. Though, I had no clue what he wanted.

As I was drinking my fifth whiskey, he turned to me and said in an agitated voice:

"None of you has ever forgotten a wallet at home? What is so complicated about lending me some money? I am thirsty as a donkey. You will get it back tomorrow, and your karma will skyrocket."