Generator sentence:: He felt that dining on the bridge brought romance to his relationship with his cat.

"2 chairs, a table, two plates, cutlery, napkins, glasses... Blankets, candles, matches... Bottle of wine, a bottle of water."

He started putting all of the pre-packed things into his van.

The bridge was lonely at 11 p. m. Not that he would really care if there were any people. He arranged the dinner on the table: two plates, wine just for him.

"Aaa, fish it is today, " he mumbled. All was perfect.

He went to the van and brought the basket with his black and white cat. She smelled the fish and jumped out onto the table. He let her get just a little bit excited and put her gently back to the basket.

Then he returned, opened the glove compartment, and took out the black duct tape.

The cat was screaming as he taped her to the chair. She kept screaming while he was eating the fish from both plates.

"Remember how you ate my Christmas dinner as I was screaming right behind the window, door shut, and me just in the boxers? I believe we are even now."