Scientific conspiracy

Generator sentence:: He turned in the research paper on Friday; otherwise, he would not have passed the class.

"I am over, done with the studies. I have had enough."

"Why is that?

"They keep telling us that it is not about usefulness; it is about practice. What a nonsense."

"You mean the lectures? That does not make sense."

"No, I mean all the assignments."

"Like, the stuff you need to write?"

"Yea, it is supposed to help us think clearer. Like, do you think I don't think clear enough?"

"I don't know."

"We write a short piece every day and a long piece every week. Don't turn it in before Friday, they kick you out. I can as well kick myself out."

"So, what is it for today and for this week?"

"Common profanities of elderly ladies."

"How do you research stuff like this?"

"Well, this one is easy. I just sit in that corner café. They come dressed like ladies, order two black coffees, and lots of cakes. And they are off to a great conversation."


"Dude, this is gonna make me fart."

When the café closed that Friday, the ladies took out their laptops. The professor has already sent in all the student papers. Bursts of laughter, tears in their eyes. The daily-weekly research essays were such a great idea for two retired social scientists. They stitched this idea together at the farewell party last August, and their Friday dinners in the café transformed completely.

"Darling, I am having a blast."

"Are you?"

"I am reading here - the language clearly shows an uninspiring family background, a lifetime of manual work in prevalently male organizations, and most probably digestive problems. I never had such fun in my whole research and teaching career."