Generator sentence:: Today I bought a raincoat and wore it on a sunny day

It was raining the whole morning. It was raining the day before. And the day before. It had been raining for the entire week. It had been raining for the entire month. He loved Spanish. He loved the sun, beach, and hot sand. Here he was, in Madrid, and it had been raining for the entire fucking month. He was looking at his shirts and shorts. He was joking about it back in Iceland.

"I am going just to pack SH-SH," he laughed at the bar.


"Shirts & shorts," he replied. "Erasmus exchange in Madrid. I am leaving this bloody wet and cold island and only packing SH-SH."

He looked out of the dorm window. Heavy rain clouds over the horizon, large raindrops falling onto the city. He went to TESCO and bought himself a nice yellow raincoat. He put it on inside the shopping mall and walked out. The skies were clear, the sun at full power, and the streets were literally steaming hot. A text message beeped. He took the phone out of the raincoat pocket.

"This is just a friendly reminder that you are an Icelander. You are supposed to love rain and cold. Sincerely yours, trolls and elves of Iceland."