Smell of chocolate

Generator sentence:: Baby wipes are made of chocolate stardust.

Smell of chocolate

She hated the smell of the poo. She could not imagine changing the diapers one day.

"No way, I would throw up right away," she joked at the parties. "Can you imagine the mess I would make? That will be my husband's job."

"What if he is not there, then?"

"Then it will have to wait for him."

Later that year she got married. They knew each other for a couple of months when he proposed. The next year their son was born.

Her husband worked from home and as if he knew, he was changing the diapers and wiping the skin. He would not allow her touch it. She never saw him put the mess into the bin. It was sort of strange but she was glad that even the slightest smell never settled for long.

Another year passed and all the diapers and wipes were disappearing miraculously. She felt like asking one evening.

"How come you get rid of all the diapers and wipes so fast?"

He smiled.

"Get rid of? Baby wipes are made of chocolate stardust. Baby diapers are true chocolate. The business is doing great. People love chocolate."