Generator sentence:: The bread dough reminded her of Santa Clause’s belly.

That night shift was just routine. Simple and plain routine. The smell of freshly baked bread could not save it. Anyway, it was omnipresent, ever-present.

She went for a cigarette. It was freezing cold and quiet outside. Tiny snowflakes drifted in the air. She tilted her head back and puffed the smoke up. A couple of flakes transformed into drops and fell onto her freckled face. Muffled sounds of the sleeping town reminded her that it was only 1 a.m.

"Christmas in the air," she grinned.

She slipped back into the bakery. The bread dough was slowly rising in large containers. Later that day, they would write "Homemade artisan sourdough bread, regional best" to a few hundred loaves all over the town.

She pushed one of the large containers to the setting table. The dough rose over the top and looked like a belly.

"Santa Claus belly," she laughed.

She stuck her finger to the dough, and it puffed loudly.

"Christmas in the air," she grinned for the second time.