Sunday streak

Generator sentence:: He was willing to find the depths of the rabbit hole in order to be with her.

Sunday streak

Every Sunday morning he picked her up in front of her house. She hopped into his car and they drove out of town. They stopped in the fields and walked along a narrow path. Sometimes they made love, sometimes they just chatted. Sometimes they kept silent. It all felt like something that was meant to be.

They both had a little calendar on their walls. They would look forward to Sundays. They were enjoying Sundays. They looked back at the little Sunday stories with warmth inside. The first year he ticked off 52 Sundays. The second year - 52. The third - 53, it was a leap year and started on Sunday. They had spent 157 Sundays together. He knew. He called it a streak.

That week the chain had been unbroken for 199 Sundays. A thought crept into his mind. That is a nice number, let's add one more. It occupied him for most of the week.

On Sunday, she was not in front of the house. She was not inside the house. She was not in the street, she was nowhere in the half-empty cold and drizzling weather. Not on the narrow path. I will break the streak.

He never missed her as much as that week. To hell with the streak. He was paralyzed. Drove to her house every once in a while. He called his boss to tell her he was sick and would not come. He looked everywhere. He was willing to find the depths of the rabbit hole in order to be with her. He was angry, sad. Wishful, longing. Reconciled. Angry. Sad. Wishful. Longing. And on, and on. On Saturday he threw the 199-streak calendar away.

On Sunday morning, she was not there again. The streak was definitely broken. On Monday he called in sick. Another week of constant anger, sadness and longing.

The next Sunday she was there. More beautiful than ever before. She hopped in and smiled as if nothing happened. He turned to her to ask but swallowed the question. She is not a streak. And she is way smarter than me.

"Let's share a bit of that beautiful morning mist, shall we?"

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