The hole

Generator sentence:: While on the first date he accidentally hit his head on the beam.

The hole

The coal mine was empty, dark and cold. The supports were rotting and rusting. Exactly as you would expect in a deserted place. As you would expect that no one was allowed to enter it. Still, there they were. Two shadows silently moving through one of the corridors.


"We better close the mine before anything happens."

"Now? Are you crazy? Now that everyone buys coal again? This is our last chance."

"But you realize there is water, there is gas, the supports are unstable and ..."

"And you have been saying that for decades, and look - we have not had a single accident."

"But in every coal mine, the first one is always round the bend."

"End of discussion. We are reopening."


The two shadows were moving closer to his place. Was it her?


We are hiring again. Best wages in the region. The posters were all over the place. A stream of miners was flowing through the brick gate.

"I told you the closure won't last. People need our coal."

"Yeah, I am going down as soon as I can. I am running out of money."


The explosion shattered all the glass panes.

"A gas leak. The lift is gone. Water is flowing in."

"Two guys, they were in the cabin just going down. They are gone too, I suppose. With all the water going down the shaft, even if they were alive, we can't get to them."

"Is there anything we can do about the water and gas, Alice?"

"I don't think so, it looks like we are done."

"Shit, go send everyone home".


The first date with Alice was full of contrasts. She was such a beauty. She was a mining engineer. She understood the machines, she understood geology. She had all those little stories. Rabbits, cats, queens, mirrors.

They had finished the glass of wine, she smiled, stood up abruptly, kissed him goodbye, and headed out. Finally. He desperately needed a big story. There was no other way of getting out of this filthy country hole.

She was moving faster as entered the mining area. He was already running just to keep up. He hit the iron beam over the mine entrance at full speed and blacked out immediately.


The two shadows started talking.

"I think that's it. We are done."

"Is there any other way out?"

"None, and they won't get to us. It is over."

"Excuse me? Can you help me?" His voice was strange. He has not talked for days.

The two shadows froze.


The route to Wonderland was blocked forever now.

Alice has been going back and forth for months since she finally found it. Her life's work. She was an oversized adult but she could fit into that hole easily. Even the Queen of Hearts was somewhat happy to see her regularly.

"Off with your head, you nasty girl. Come here, give me a hug. I hope you did not bring that filthy snitch here. Off with his head, that sneaky bastard."

"No, ma'm. Still erring somewhere in the mine."

"Good, look at you, Queen of Aces."


"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

The two miners stood over him, pointed the flashlight to his face and looked at each other.

"I sort of got lost a while back... and can't get out..."

"You are the newspaper guy that went missing about 4 months ago. They saw you last run across the town late in the evening... But, wait, 4 months? How come you are alive?"

He pointed to a large ladder-less hole in the ground. It was dark, deep and pitch black.

And there were shelves with marmelade jars as deep as they could see.

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