The king

Generator sentence:: Buried deep in the snow, he hoped his batteries were fresh in his avalanche beacon.

The king



"Five - four - three - two - one - go."

He jumped off the helicopter. His long wide skis, flying down to the untouched snow blanket. Freezing air. Sunrise over the mountain range. For the last 92 days, that was his routine. 91 powder freerides behind.

For 20 years he had been a bookkeeper. A solid one, though his career progress was none. He was reliable, meticulous, organized, punctual, conservative, never late, never forgetting. Dark grey suit, black leather document bag. He was the model stereotype.

"Why don't you try anything fun? Anything crazy? You are so.... so accountanty."


"Accountanty, you know? You are... You are an anchor. A pillar. This is great. But you are so boring. Stories? You only have bookkeeping stories. Try something."

"Try? Something?"

"Yes, like ski freeriding."

"I am not much of a skier."

They were right. Freeride skiing was such fun. His 3-month mountain holiday was coming to the end. He was tanned. He had his hair cut. Every evening he chatted with the other skiers in the bar. For the first time, he was the king. King of the mountain.

"To hell with the books. I am the king of the mountain."

An avalanche was forming right below the mountain peak. His head felt light. He felt light. He was the king of the mountain. He knew he could outrun it.

The lightness felt awkward today. As if something was not right. He looked down at his feet.

Shit. Shit. Shit shit shit. He forgot to put on his skies. Now he understood the helicopter guy.

"Sir, are you sure?"

"Of course I am. Why the hell are you asking me?"


Buried neck deep in the snow, he hoped his batteries were fresh in his avalanche beacon. But would not bet on it. His ultimate story. Long live the king.

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