The Revolution

Generator sentence:: Little Red Riding Hood decided to wear orange today.

The Revolution

"Let's stop the oppression!"

"Freedom for all of us!"

"We want liberties! We want independence! We want privacy."

The bookcase was slowly leaning forward. I watched it from my computer. I had no idea of all the fuss. Noise-canceling earbuds did their job.

Thump. The books hit the back wall as I pushed the heavy piece of furniture packed with children's books. Nothing seemed to be a problem.

"Give us our rights!"

"Get rid of the tyrants!"

The bookcase was leaning forward again. I removed my earbuds, pushed the bookcase back and inspected the bottom. Nothing.

"This is a revolution!"

From the books? Were the voices coming from the books?

I turned and tripped. As the top oak shelf speeded towards my throat, I noticed that the Little Red Riding Hood decided to wear orange today.

Generator stories are a simple project to practice and improve my English writings based on random generator-produced sentences. The content produced in only 15 minutes is of mixed quality, but in this case - the quantity and speed are the goal. You can get inspired here: