The tune

Generator sentence:: I’m working on a sweet potato farm.

The tune

An earworm, sometimes referred to as a brainworm, sticky music, stuck song syndrome, or, most commonly after earworms, Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI), is a catchy and/or memorable piece of music or saying that continuously occupies a person's mind even after it is no longer being played or spoken about. Wikipedia

I turned the radio off. Not that song again. What's wrong with the world? This station used to have good taste.

As I walked out of the house, two 10-year-old girls laughed over their phones. That song again. I turned and walked in the other direction.

There was no escape. 3 schools in the surroundings. The unintelligible tune. The beat. The world is happy now. Dance Monkey. Baby Shark. And now Sweet Potato Farm. Surely there they made some crazy music video. I checked Youtube the park. Of course, jumping teenagers, red, pink, yellow, green, circles, squares, laughs straight to the camera. Disgusting. 17 million views already.

As I walked back, I put the earbuds in my ears. For some reason, I could not resist and played the song three more times.

I'm working on a sweet potato farm
but this is not my farm.
I like sweet potatoes fun
that everyday collecting fun.

The lyrics were astronomically stupid. I started whistling the tune. The music was appalling. But I could not stop. I did not have to listen to it anymore. It played and played in my head.

I returned home. I needed to finish the peer review. That research was bullshit. Countryside psychology. I needed to get that crappy song out of my ear. I put a Mahler 5th symphony on and started typing.

... The assumption that there might be such a combination of tones, syllables and rhythm that would create a permanent earworm, impossible to overlay by any other usually functioning means, is poorly argumented... There is no clear evidence...

Fuck. I can't think clearly. That shitty tune. I opened the window to wait for Mahler to get me fixed.

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