The Sanctuary

Generator sentence:: The group quickly understood that toxic waste was the most effective barrier to use against the zombies.

I was back at our sanctuary. I call it a sanctuary but it is just a little piece of land not very far from the river. It used to be a very busy place and it still might be. I don't know. We rarely go out now. At night, mostly. To grab some food, bring water from the well.

We live a simple life. We do not have many possessions, and those we have are well used, worn out, and dirty.

There is no past, no future, we never talk about that. Our only topics concern the present. Food, water, shelter, sleep.

We have built "the barrier". The "great toxic barrier". Sounds noble, doesn't it? Well, it is just a huge pile of trash that gets dumped daily around our sanctuary. It protects us from zombies.

"Henri! Can you please just stop writing in that little paper nonsense of yours and set off downtown to get us some money? And don't forget that bloody rag to wind around your leg. This works, we were up by 35 % last week."

The shelter under the bridge got quiet again. The smell of trash turned away anyone who got close. Even dogs evaded our spot.