Twice as much

Generator sentence:: Some bathing suits just shouldn’t be worn by some people.

He was working out twice a month at first. Then twice a week. In the end, he decided to up his game and started working out twice a day. It became an integral part of his morning and evening routine.

One morning, when lifting the weights, he thought: I might as well up my game again.

And so he started working out twice an hour. Later that week, while doing pull-ups, he changed his routine to twice a minute. There was still room for improvement, though. And thus, his new twice-a-second-workout was born. He couldn't wait for the results...

"Could you just move a bit, you overweight hippo! This is my towel. You spread out over half of this beach. And what did you think when you ordered this tiny piece of clothing? It is disgusting. Some bathing suits just shouldn't be worn by some people."

He stopped listening to the buzz of his wife's words. He very slowly turned away from her skinny body and returned to his mental gym.